Meet the 'Scrunch Bum': The Leggings Designed to Give You a Kardashian Lift

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This week our team stumbled upon 'House of Peach' — every item on this UK fashion site promises to enhance your bum. The 'bum lifters' are like an extreme version of magic knickers (they really do need to be seen to believed), however the 'scrunch bum' leggings are a more subtle way to get that Kardashian lift. They look like a classic gym legging from the front, however at the back they have gathered fabric in the shape of a thong to make your bum look bigger and apparently "such you in and smooth you out." They also have a thick waistband at the waist above the scrunching to accentuate the waist. This 'thong scrunching' is actually not as out-there as it might sound, and we can see these catching on. Keep scrolling to see and shop these 'scrunch bum' leggings.