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Our series We Try Before You Buy sees me challenge the Who What Wear UK team to wear a new trend, try an outfit or road test a specific piece. The one thing that our readers seem to always want to know is how to look more expensive, so I asked my teammates, Joy, Hannah and Isabel, to wear an outfit that makes them feel the most expensive without wearing anything expensive. Interestingly everyone selected very minimal, classic outfit ideas—think sharp tailoring, muted tones and timeless accessories. Keep scrolling to see and shop the four expensive-looking outfit ideas.

All-White Suit

Isabel Mundigo-Moore says: "I wanted to wear all white because for me, it's the easiest way to look expensive. It's my go-to trick for looking fresh, clean, and super rich. Works like a charm."

Black With Gold Jewellery

Hannah Almassi says: "Wearing black is the default option for many—whether your budget is big or small—but there's something about an all-black outfit with gold jewellery that looks like old-school wealth. It also feels right for the current '80s throwback look without erring on the side of costume."

Blazer With Belt Over the Top

Joy Montgomery says: "A blazer is my go-to piece for when I want to add some polish to an outfit. Whether it's a pair of jeans or a midi dress, I think a perfectly fitted blazer will always elevate a look and make it look more expensive. Although I love all the colourful iterations available at the moment, a classic black version will last you season after season."

Safari-Ready Neutrals

Emma Spedding says: "Whenever I see influencers like Monikh and Roberta Benteler wearing head-to-toe ecru and tan tones, I think it looks really expensive. This Mango pocket shirt paired with matching trousers and tan sliders makes me feel like I'm about to arrive at an exclusive safari lodge."

Next up, How to look 10 times richer than you are.

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